#155 – Chemistry by Weike Wang

On this episode, we discuss our Books & Boba September 2021 pick Chemistry by Weike Wang, an adult coming-of-age novel about an ex-overachieving chemistry PhD candidate at a crossroads in her life, despite having what some might consider a perfect life. This was a humorous story chock full of moments that will resonate with any disaffected millennial, especially if you are a child of immigrant (tiger) parents. 

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#154 – Author Chat w/ C.B. Lee

We welcome back author C.B. Lee for her third appearance on the podcast to talk to us about her latest novel, A Clash of Steel, part of the “Classics Remixed” series from Macmillan, A Clash of Steel reimagines the classic Robert Louis Stevenson story Treasure Island, resetting the tale in the South China Sea in the golden age of Chinese piracy with a classic C.B. Lee twist. We chat with C.B. about her tale of swashbuckling adventure, badass (and historical) female pirate captains, and young queer love on the high seas!

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#153 – September 2021 Book News

On this episode, we highlight the latest book and publishing news in Asian American literature for our September 2021 mid-month check-in! 

New books mentioned in our publishing news:

  • Zeba Shahnaz – Midnight Strikes
  • Emiko Jean Mika in Real Life
  • Livia Blackburne – Clementine and Danny Save the World (and Each Other)
  • A.Y. HashitateSelfiesby Sumie
  • Mai K. Nguyen – Anzu and the Realm of Darkness
  • Debbi Michiko Florence – This Is How I Roll
  • N.H. SenzaiPrince Among Slaves.
  • Kiana Krystle – Dance of the Starlit Sea
  • Peter Cheong – Every Night at Midnight
  • Bao Phi – You Are Life
  • Marie Tang & Jieting Cheni – Yuna’s Cardboard Castles

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#152 – Author Chat w/ Michelle Quach

On this episode, we chat with debut author Michelle Quach about her upcoming YA novel Not Here To Be Liked,an enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy about Eliza, who’s dreams of becoming the Editor-in-Chief of her high school newspaper gets crushed when the more popular (and less qualified) Lem gets the position instead. In her anger she pens a manifesto that accidentally gets published online and Eliza inadvertently becomes the leader of a feminist movement at school.  It’s a delicious mess and we had a lot of fun chatting with Michelle about her inspirations and journey as an author.

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#151 – Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay

On this episode, we discuss our  August 2021 pick is Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay, a YA coming-of-age story set against the background of Philippine’s President Duterte’s war on drugs. Jay is a bored Filipino American teen in the midst of some major senioritis when he learns that his cousin Jun, who he was once close with, was killed as part of Duterte’s purge of drug pushers and addicts. Wanting to learn the truth behind Jun’s death, Jay takes his first trip to the Philippines in over a decade.

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#150 – Author Chat with Amanda Jayatissa

On this episode, we chat with author Amanda Jayatissa about her debut novel My Sweet Girl,a thriller about a woman trying to unravel the mystery behind her roommate’s death (and the subsequent disappearance of his body), which leads face to face toa reckoning decades in the making that stems back to her own adoption from Sri Lanka. We chat with Amanda about her journey as a writer, including her adventures in self-publishing, as well as the spooky inspirations behind her story.

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