#223 – May 2023 Book News

On this episode, we check out the latest book and publishing news in Asian American literature for our APAHM 2023 edition of our mid-month check-in and Reera teaches Marvin what a Bigolas Dickalas is.

Upcoming books mentioned in our publishing news:

  • The First State of Being by Erin Entrada Kelly
  • Samina Goes to a Wedding by Farida Zaman
  • The Pink Pajamas, by Charlene Chua
  • Perfect Is Not Perfect by Laan Cham
  • A City Full of Santas by Joanna Ho ; illust by Thai Phuong
  • Stay Angry, Little Girl, illust by Michelle Jing Chan
  • The Library Is Open by Kim Chi and Stephan Lee
  • Of Jade and Dragons by Amber Chen
  • Thea and the Mischief Makers by Tracy Badua
  • Airbnboo by Tracy Badua
  • The Cliff House by Guojing
  • The ABCs of Queer History by Seema Yasmin
  • Wolf Girl by Anh Do
  • I Could Give You the Moon by Ann Liang
  • K-Jane by Lydia Kang
  • Some of Us: A Story of Citizenship and America by Newbery Rajani LaRocca; Illust by Huy Voun Lee
  • Ping’s Perfect Pot by Helen H. Wu; illust by Zihua Yang

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#222 – Author Chat w/ Melissa de la Cruz

On this episode, we chat with Melissa de la Cruz, probably one of the most prolific Asian American authors in the industry, about her new YA thriller The Headmaster’s List, about Spencer, a Filipina-American private high school student, who sets out to figure out the truth behind a fatal car crash that left one of her classmates dead, her ex-boyfriend under arrest, and herself without her memories of the night. Of course, we also chat with Melissa about her long storied career as an author.

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#221 – Author Chat w/ Deepa Varadarajan

On this episode, we chat with debut author Deepa Varadarajan about her novel, Late Bloomers, about an Indian American family of two recent divorcees and their adult children who are each going through their own romantic adventures and turmoil. We chat with Deepa about the inspirations behind her book as well as why “Late Bloomers” is such a relatable trope for Asian American children of immigrants.

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#219 – Author Chat w/ Victoria Ying

On this episode, we chat with author and illustrator Victoria Ying about her new YA graphic novel, Hungry Ghost, a coming of age story about a Chinese American girl dealing with adolescence, parental expectation, and eating disorders. We talk with Victoria about her background in animation as well as her semi-autobiographical inspirations behind the story of Hungry Ghost.

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Asian Books Challenge 2023!

It’s Heritage Month once again which means the return of Books & Boba’s Asian Book Challenge, a reading challenge where we celebrate the depth and breath of books by Asian authors! This year we’re focusing our challenge on our favorite tropes and we’re asking you to recommend books (that you’ve read OR have been meaning to read) by Asian and Asian diaspora authors that either contains the trope, subverts it, or plays with it in a clever way!

As always, you can play however you like (fill out the whole grid, play bingo, etc.), just remember to tag us (@booksandboba) and the hashtag (#asianbookchallenge) so we can see all your wonderful picks!

Download the templates below:

Happy APAHM!