#140 – Author Chat w/ Jesse Q. Sutanto

On this episode, we sit down with author Jesse Q. Sutanto about her novel Dial A for Aunties,a story about a woman who has to rely on her mother and 3 meddling aunties to help her hide the body of the blind date she accidentally killed. We chat aunties, dim sum, and writing, as well as figure out the mystery behind how Dial A for Aunties was discovered by Netflix.

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#139 – The Silence of Bones by June Hur

On this episode, we discuss our May 2021 book club pick, The Silence of Bones by June Hur, a historical mystery novel taking place in Joseon era Korea, following Seol, an orphaned police Damo, who’s been tasked to assist in the investigation of a murdered noblewoman. Part historical fiction and part noir detective fiction, The Silence of Bones explores the clash between western religion and eastern Confucianism through the curious eyes of Seol. 

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#138 – Author Chat w/ Payal Doshi

On this episode, we invite author Payal Doshi to the podcast to chat about her debut novel Rea and the Blood of the Nectar, a middle grade fantasy adventure about an Indian girl’s journey into a magical world to find her missing twin brother. Payal shares about her journey to becoming an author, how she built the magical world of Astranthia, and more!

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#136 – Author Chat w/ Sarah Suk

Author Sarah Suk joins the podcast to talk about her debut novel Made in Korea, a YA romcom about two Korean American high school teens running rival Korean beauty product businesses at their school. We chat with Sarah about her writing roots (including writing stories for Neopets), as well as her inspirations for her novel.
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