#169 – February 2022 Book News

On this episode, we highlight the latest book and publishing news in Asian American literature for our February 2022 mid-month check-in! 

New books mentioned in our publishing news:

  • My Nemisis by Charmaine Craig
  • Our issing Hearts by Celeste Ng
  • Made in Asian America: A History for Young People by Erika Lee and Christina Soontornvat
  • When I Gave Dad a Sign by Jack Wong
  • We are Earthlings by Rachel Qiuqi
  • Walter Takes a While by Ann Kim Ha
  • When an Elephant Hears NO by Dazzle Ng
  • Hana’s Hundreds of Hijabs by Razeena Omar Gutta
  • If I Have to be Haunted by Miranda Sun
  • Lion Dancers by Cai Tse
  • Alterations by Raymond Xu
  • Ava Lin by Vicky Fang
  • Find Him Where You Left Him Dead by Kristen Simmons
  • The Goblin Twins by Frances Cha
  • You Can Move Mountains by Richard Ho
  • My Saree by Gita Vara-dara-jan
  • Lunar New Year Love Story by Gene Luen Yang and Le Uyen Pham
  • Deathlings by Coco Ma
  • First Night of Howlergarten by Benson Shum
  • The Space Between Here and Now by Sarah Suk
  • Ramadan Kareem by M.O. Yuksei
  • Hidden Tails by Van Hoang
  • Taki’s Belt by Fumio Obata

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