#182 – June 2022 Book News

On this episode, we highlight the latest book and publishing news in Asian American literature for our June 2022 mid-month check-in, and maybe get a little heated about what a certain white dude said on the internet.

New books and authors mentioned in our publishing news:

  • Aisha Saeed Forty Words for Love
  • Axie OhThe Floating World
  • Maia & Alex ShibutaniAmazing: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Who Inspire Us All
  • Charlotte ChengIcy Fruit
  • Hope Lim (writer) & Shahrzad Maydani (illustrator) – Sourgrass
  • Colleen Kong-SavagePiano Wants to Play
  • Veera Hiranandani (writer) & Vesper Stamper (illustrator) – The Greatest
  • Raakhee Mirchandani (writer) & Laurie Wallmark (illustrator) – An Extraordinary Life: Kalpana Chawla
  • Vanessa LeThe Last Bloodcarver
  • Vicky Fang (writer) & Luisa Leal (illustrator) – Sniff and Scratch (series)
  • Jocelyn Chung (writer) & Julia Kuo (illustrator) – When Love Is More Than Words
  • Miles BurksEncore!
  • Han Kang (translated by Emily Won)Greek Lessons & Human Acts
  • Rajani LaRocca (writer) & Nadia Alam (illustrator) – Mauntie
  • Marie LuStars and Smoke
  • Kealani Netane (writer) & Dung Ho (illustrator) – Tala Learns to Siva
  • Faith Kazmi (writer) & Christine Almeda (illustrator) – Box of Dreams
  • Yangsook ChoiA Letter to Olivo
  • Aaron Chan (writer) & Josiane Vlitos (illustrator) – The Broken Heart
  • Ritu Hemnani Three Colors of Hope
  • Sharon Fujimoto-JohnsonThe Mochi Makers
  • Linda Sue Park (writer) & Lenny Wen (illustrator) – Smiling Eyes
  • Emily Satoko Seo (writer) & Mique Moriuchi (illustrator) – The Perfect Sushi
  • Hanh Bui (writer) & Minnie Phan (illustrator) – The Yellow Áo Dài
  • Hanh Bui (writer) & Bao Luu (illustrator) – Ánh’s New Word

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