#217 – April 2023 Book News

On this episode, we check out the latest book and publishing news in Asian American literature for our April 2023 mid-month check-in, including going over some book to film adaptation news!

New books and authors mentioned in our publishing news:

  • Maybe It’s a Sign by E.L. Shen
  • Meet Me on Mercer Street by Booki Vivat
  • Seeker of Truth: Kailash Satyarthi’s Fight to End Child Labor by Srividhya Venkat; illust by Danica da Silva Pereira
  • ASAP by Axie Oh
  • The Spy Coast by Tess Gerritsen
  • With Twice the Love, Dessie Mei by Justina Chen
  • A Rakhi for Rakesh by Nadia Salomon; illust by Nabi H. Ali
  • The Lotus Flower Champion by Pintip Dunn and Love Dunn
  • A Story of Our Own by Kao Kalia Yang
  • The Rainbow Fair by Diana Ma
  • We Are Warriors by Ellen Lee
  • A Year of Kites by Monisha Bajaj; illust by Amber Ren
  • When a Tiger Flies by Susie
  • Shimcheong by Julia Riew
  • The Wedding Shoe Snatch by Madhu Messenger; illust by Darshika Varma
  • Mountains by Julia Kuo
  • The Pet Placement Society by Primo Gallanosa
  • On Thin Ice by Jessica Kim
  • A Song to Drown Rivers by Ann Liang

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