10 Time Travel Books by Authors of Asian Descent

It feels surreal that we’re now living in 2020. Just imagine, the last two decades brought us e-commerce, social media, Airbnbs, and yoga pants. While I doubt that Judgement Day will ever happen, it’s hard to predict what will await us in the next decade. Maybe VR will replace office commutes. Maybe we’ll find a cure for Alzheimer’s, or global warming might wipe out half our planet. Who knows? It’s the limitless possibilities that make the idea of time travel so alluring to writers and readers alike. Time travel books allow us to explore fantastical futures and pasts.

Publishing has come a long way since the days of H.G. Wells’ 1895 Time Machine. There are now thousands of books about the rewards and dangers of time travel, many of them written by authors of color. Here are 10 time travel books written by authors of Asian descent.

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